Experiment with Mixed Media

Experiment with Mixed Media

I have done a lot of practise with the ‘conventional’ methods of drawing in the last few exercises so I decided to dive straight into my sketchbook with ‘non-conventional’ drawing mediums.

On this page I have created ink washes with tissue paper and water – I really like the texture of the screwed up paper and decided to use this as a base colour to for my mixed media. I also melted wax crayons with a hairdryer. I really like the texture of the melted wax – however the uncontrollable nature of the hair dryer did create quite a mess so If I were to use this method I would have to practise the control more.

I decided to use childrens toys for my mixed media study as I thought the bright bold colours would be a great study for all the different medias I was wanting to use.

This was my toy still life. I loved the contrast in colours, however I feel they all compliment each other well. I used rose pink cotton material as a backdrop to bring it all together.

Once I was happy with the composition I began with the tissue paper dye was. This created a very pale base colour and as you can see by the above photo the toy elephant is a lighter shade of blue. I was nervous that the whole piece would looked washed out therefore I decided to make the elephant red.

I used normal pencil crayon for the elephant. The previous tonal exercise was very useful here as I changed the colour completely I was able to convert the colour ratio much easier as I was able to focus on the tone. I have used a promarker in areas of the bumbo that had completely been missed by the tissue paper. As I was really happy with the cracked texture of the dye wash I didn’t want to over power this with the biro pen that I later used to add shadow and general shaping. I melted wax crayon for the material backdrop. At this point I noticed that rather than focusing on the detail of my still life I was giving and overall impression of what I saw. I enjoyed this freedom and experimentation, however It was starting to look messing and uncoordinated.

Final Piece: mixed media study

I started by using oil pastels to tidy the backdrop. I then wanted to maintain the impressionistic feel of the drawing my adding random polka dots without focusing or worrying too much about precision. I used white gel pen for the polka dots and highlights in other places such as the lego blocks in the bottom corner. I also used tissue paper and oil pastels on top to finish them off. The doll bed was wooden so I wanted to give this texture by using chalk pastel pencils on it.

This was a very experimental piece for me. The thing I knew for certain I wanted to do was the blue dye wash for the baby seat. The results of this then set the tone for the rest of the drawing, which is very new for me as I like to have a plan of what I am doing before I start. This helped me loosen up and try different things to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Overall I am happy with this piece.