Still Life Using Lines

Still Life Using Lines

This exercise was stripping back on the detail and focusing on the basic lines which we draw. I used several pages in my sketchbook to help prepare for my final piece.

Watercolour back wash, biro, brown & white ink.

Indian Ink, White pen & Oil pastels.

I knew from my first exercise I wanted to continue with the theme of vegetables. As this exercise was a focus on lines I was automatically drawn to vegetables with unpredictable lines and shapes such as mushrooms and red cabbages. I did a couple of sketches to help understand the flow of their lines, at this point I intended on using both mushrooms and cabbages in my still like as I loved the composition of both.

Ink Pen. Angle and Line drawing.

Blue Biro

I then went on to study the variations you can obtain from lines. I started with a linear pattern and following the lines in an angular, conforming pattern. I like this page as it looks like an abstract version of a bird’s eye view of mountains or valleys. The second page I decided to be for free flowing with my lines and just see how the page grew and developed. I got a really interesting almost hair textured effect. These pages helped me understand the flexibility in just using the simple lines to make a picture and I found then very therapeutic.

HB Pencil

After playing around with composition I decided I was going to use different types of mushrooms. I found the cabbages to be a little big and overwhelming for the all over appeal. I placed the mushrooms on a green tablecloth to give an abstract feel of the mushrooms crowing in the wild.

Once settling on my composition I then decided I wanted to add colour into my line drawing to help the dynamic of the different types of mushrooms.

Coloured drawing inks and dip pen of A3 Strathmore gray toned paper.

I made several mistakes with the dip pen, which I put down to lack of experience. However when I was finished with this piece, I was not happy. I felt the white was too dominating for the tone of the yellow and green and it all just felt a little disconnected to me so I decided to try again.

A3 Strathmore Gray toned paper with white gel pen.

Already I liked my second attempt better. I left off one of the wild mushrooms as I found this helped with the symmetry of the drawing. Once stepping back from my piece I saw it was a little 2 dimensional and although I could tell it was mushrooms I wasn’t entirely happy so I decided to take a risk and add brown ink.

Final piece

I added the brown ink with a dip pen. I quite like this ‘salt & pepper’ look as I feel it makes my drawing a little more dynamic, However I wasn’t 100% happy with the overall finish but I was aware that I had started to overwork areas and decided to stop before I completely disliked it. I know I had many struggles with this piece. I found going back to the basic line drawing harder than expected. But I have enjoyed the opportunity to use mediums I’m not familiar with. I have learnt to really think about where I am placing my first initial lines instead of sketching out first and then drawing over with the detail. I hope to take this through with more confidence to my future work.