When deciding on the colour that I was going to use for a Monochrome study I really struggled as I didn’t want to do a generic red or blue toned piece of work. I realised I had a lot of green kitchen utensils so decided that I was going to use the colour green.

This was the still life that I decided and the composition also. I stood up as I liked the viewpoint as if the viewer was the one in the kitchen preparing the fruit salad.

I have experimented with a couple of mediums – however when I knew what my still life was going to be I had always decided it was going to be oil pastel. I will hopefully go back at a later date to add other mediums to this page.

A3 Final Piece – material: Oil pastels

I knew that the medium I wanted to use for the monochrome study was oil pastels. I had enjoyed using them so far and believed that they could give me the smooth reflective surface of the spherical fruit. I really enjoyed using the oil pastels, however I really struggled with the composition. I noticed that as I was drawing the cut fruit was starting to turn brown – which created a little challenge as the colour I had chosen was green. To counter act this I chose 3 tonal colours to help the greens, blend and connect together, these were: white, grey and yellow.

There were some limitations to the oil pastels as I felt I was not getting as smooth result as I had wished. I’m still really happy with the texture and almost paint like quality to all the different layers of green that added up and created my final piece.

Due to the quick changing nature of the fruit I had to work quicker than expected to I really enjoyed the challenge to catch the essence of what I was seeing before it was gone. I’m very pleased with the overall outcome of this still life and would potentially do more monochrome pieces.