Material Differences

Material Differences

A2, Strathmore Greyscale paper with promarkers and prismalcolor pencils

This is the final image I took to completion for my interior study. Getting the perspectives was harder than expected. the gradients were very subtle and so easily missed. It took several attempts to sketch what I saw before I was truly happy with it. Although the image seems simple, there was a lot more discipline of technique needed than first expected. Due to the size of the paper and the large negative areas, using just pencil was not enough so I used promarker pens as a basic base and built upon that with shade, and tone to add full definition to this piece. I chose greyscale paper as I liked the idea of the muted tones of the cream ways and the carpet. I wanted the chest of drawers and the green mattress to really stand out. I believe I was able to achieve this. What I really like is the feel that the vibrant blue and green from outside the window is reflected upon these two items in the room and ties the whole drawing together connecting the outside with the inside.

What I really found difficult was the covers and curtains. I was very aware that I need more practise at depicting fabric and material. I will continue to take this practise through for the rest of the course, as when the fabric does not flow right the whole picture looks a little disjointed and wrong. Although the grayscale paper helped with the muted tones of the walls. I found it difficult to bring the vibrant colours forward as it took more work to do so.

Overall I am happy with this piece. At first glance I thought I would not need to use much colour but found upon further study that there was so much more gradient of tone in the shadows and really enjoyed discovering how to then show this in my own drawing.