Temporary Drawing – Warm Up

Temporary Drawing – Warm Up

So, before I started on my projects and assignments I decided to start with the warm up exercise that is recommended. It is regarding temporary drawing and i think it was just a way to loosen people up and to get their minds wandering and looking at things in different ways.

Temporary drawing – it seems simple enough, but I actually had a harder time than I expected to open my mind and get started. It wasn’t until I was making my child’s lunch one afternoon – and as all you parent/grandparents will know sometimes you resort to desperate measures in order to encourage your children to eat their fruit and veg. The way I’ve tackled this problem is to create pictures with their food; I know, I know you’re always taught never to play with your food, but when you have two children on the Autism Spectrum you make every possible task seem fun and fresh. As I was arranging their orange slices into a sun it suddenly dawned on my that I make temporary drawings on a daily basis and I didn’t even think twice about it.

Once that clicked it seemed a little easier to take on the task set. I decided I was going to used water – now we’ve had some fairly miserable weather lately so I’ve had to wait until the ground was a little dryer. when it was I went out to our front porch and just started pouring the water. I tried to relax my mind and not think too hard about what I was creating as Temporary drawing is supposed to be fleeting I wanted to mirror this in my approach and go with the with the flow.


I first started by just aimlessly waving my arm to create a snake like image. I quite like the splash marks created from the impact with the ground – it makes it look a little more menacing than just a normal smooth line and it reminded me of possibly thorny vines.


I then tried to control myself more by creating drops on the ground – because of the ground still being fairly moist it was hard to see the results or even what I was doing whilst drawing it. It was at this point I had started to regret my decision to used water, but undeterred I decided to push on.


So my photography skills are not the best and whats great is the more I continue on this course the more I will hopefully *fingers crossed* improve more skills than just my drawing and painting. I tried a swirl in the attempt. it was after photographing this that I noticed how badly my flagstones needed grouting! But instead of getting dismayed by this I decided to use it to my advantage.


So here was my final attempt of temporary drawing. I put a small amount of water near a corner of moss – then taking advantage of a close up camera angle I snapped this shot! Its not the best, but I really like it. It gives the illusion that it’s a picture of a lake found in a forest.

Although I had a rocky start to this assignment I eventually was able to embrace it and I am very pleased with the fact that I started drawing with the water on the ground with no real purpose or aim and although I could have possibly experimented more I was able to make something I was eventually happy with. I was able to use the medium I’d chosen, in my limited environment and a bit of camera play I was able to create a temporary landscape with it.