Shadows and reflected light

Shadows and reflected light


I chose two objects, a stainless steel gravy boat and ceramic mug. I thought I’d continue the theme of kitchen items throughout the exercises even though this was started subconsciously.


A2 cartridge paper – willows charcoal stick

I started my quickly sketching the rough outline of the two objects. I tried to begin with the mid tone of the gravy boat, however the reflection of the wooden table was creating a challenge to show the curvature and depth of the boat so I began to add lines and shading rather hesitantly.


Despite the challenges created by the gravy boat I continued and thought more carefully about where I could see the shadows and reflections that were reflected upon the surface. I quite like the warped reflection of the mug on the surface and think it adds one of the best ways of demonstrating depth to the shiny surface.

Surprisingly I found the mug more difficult to shade, looking back I realised that I had made the mid tones too dark and whilst trying to correct this I struggled to include highlights or great depth to the surface of the mug.


Final Piece

I used a putty rubber to create some of the highlights in the mug, however because of my heavy hand I had a difficult time with this. I spend quite a lot of time adding and erasing charcoal and I never quite was able to get it to a place I was happy with it, so I made a judgement call and decided to stop before I entirely ruined it. I then added in the surface of the table. I feel this helped ever so slightly with the many mistakes I had made. I’m not happy with the shading of the object shadows as I seem to have made them too separate and they don’t actually connect.

Overall I found this exercise a challenge. I had a little more confidence using the materials that I chose, however I can see that in places I could have been less conservative with my marking whilst in others I could have taken more time and thought more carefully where I was shading. I have noticed that I don’t always take the to really think how I will begin a project and jump right in. Going into the assessment I will remember to use my time more wisely, slow down and really look at what and where I would like to place my marks. I hope to be able to use lines and texture like Odilon Redon to show my objects as well as convey a sense of how I feel about them.