Experimenting with Textures

Experimenting with Textures


Sketchbook page, Materials used: Soft Pastel, Biro pen, Graphite pencil & Indian Ink 

I picked four items from around my house, split my page into four and experimented with different mediums and techniques. I really struggled with the soft pastel, I found this quite difficult to control, I tried to get the rough texture of the wooden drawer, but feel I need more practise with this medium in order to get the effect I want. I could have spent longer perfecting this attempt, however I kept adding to the square, but to no improvement so I decided to leave it. I felt much more comfortable using the biro pen. I used several techniques to show the same dimension and shading throughout. I tried small circular motions to depict the texture of the orange skin. Overall I enjoyed this exercise using new mediums. I feel the indian ink gives a rather impressionistic view of the grid texture and flow of the baby muslin, I thoroughly enjoyed this technique and intend to continue to build upon this as I go throughout the course.


6B Graphite Pencil used for each frottage square. 

Once I had experimented with different mediums I then did ‘frottage’ technique on 6 surfaces throughout the house and garden. I enjoyed finding and creating these textures, I especially enjoyed the results for the flagstone; The random gradient of the graphite over the surface has given a marble effect which could really help when trying to enhance surface texture in future drawings, and the door mat; this result was quite different from my rendering on the previous sketchbook page. I put emphasis on the risen woven threads of the mat, whereas the frottage, gives quite the opposite effect, highlighting the risen threads and emphasis on the horizontal threading. I also especially like how it looks more like a morse code message, this would work quite well as a background texture with vibrant, smooth shading on the foreground or centre feature.

These exercises have helped me feel more freedom in thought and materials as I work, taking a more impressionist view to what I see and I tried to let go of the exact replica in front of me as I usually am used to. I wasn’t completely successful in this but I am certainly more mindful of the way I look at things, that I intend to portray in my future work.