Conclusion & Reflection

Conclusion & Reflection

After reading the assessment criteria again I can already see improvements from part one. I feel I really pushed my comfort zone with materials throughout part 2.

During part 2 I had decided I  wanted to produce a final piece that was not just another simple drawing of what I saw. I still wanted accuracy in my drawing, but I wanted to have more context to what I created. The mixed media materials I used helped me convey what I wanted to portray.

I was really happy with the use of colour. although I believe the coloured pencils were the right medium to use for the bright vibrant red of the rose. I found that with the texture of the book pages the colour smudged when the white acrylic ink was added. Looking back I should have waited for the ‘zest-it’ blender to dry more fully which would have prevented unwanted mixing of colour. The alcohol markers mixed really well with the white ink which helped create the illusion that the red rose is emerging from the bunch.

I used my sketchbook much more for experimenting and testing materials to help me gain a better understanding of what materials are best to use for a piece.

I still really struggled when it came to the research points. I feel that I do not do enough research as I end up getting overwhelmed and lose focus on what I am wanting to portray. I hope to focus on this for part 3 to help my artist research develop and help my work and flow more continually.

One thing I also struggled with during part 2 was finding time to add and create my own personal art work, this is something that I want to work on. Hopefully plan my time more effectively so I’m not rushing deadlines at the end.