Conclusion & Reflection

Conclusion & Reflection

After reading the assessment criteria again I can already see improvements from part one. I feel I really pushed my comfort zone with materials throughout part 2.

During part 2 I had decided I  wanted to produce a final piece that was not just another simple drawing of what I saw. I still wanted accuracy in my drawing, but I wanted to have more context to what I created. The mixed media materials I used helped me convey what I wanted to portray.

I was really happy with the use of colour. although I believe the coloured pencils were the right medium to use for the bright vibrant red of the rose. I found that with the texture of the book pages the colour smudged when the white acrylic ink was added. Looking back I should have waited for the ‘zest-it’ blender to dry more fully which would have prevented unwanted mixing of colour. The alcohol markers mixed really well with the white ink which helped create the illusion that the red rose is emerging from the bunch.

I used my sketchbook much more for experimenting and testing materials to help me gain a better understanding of what materials are best to use for a piece.

I still really struggled when it came to the research points. I feel that I do not do enough research as I end up getting overwhelmed and lose focus on what I am wanting to portray. I hope to focus on this for part 3 to help my artist research develop and help my work and flow more continually.

One thing I also struggled with during part 2 was finding time to add and create my own personal art work, this is something that I want to work on. Hopefully plan my time more effectively so I’m not rushing deadlines at the end.

Assignment 2 – Intimacy.

Assignment 2 – Intimacy.

This whole second section of the course is to do with intimacy. During this course section I learnt how to composition my still life with more meaning. Unlike part 1, Part 2 encourages the use of colour and this was quite exciting. We were allowed to choose our own direction for the final assignment piece. I really struggled with the interior section so decided to stick to my strengths and go back to still life drawing.

Sketchbook Brainstorm page

Sketchbook media practise page.

When deciding what to draw for my final still life I really wanted to do a natural, more classic still life of flowers and put a modern twist on it. but I couldn’t get the idea of using man made objects out of my head.

Most of my sketchbook pages are related to a botanical still life. Sine part two has focused on intimacy I decided to add this theme into my work so automatically thought of a Rose – the ultimate symbol of love.

As I kept thinking out man made objects and how to introduce them into my theme. I decided to do a final piece draft of my husbands gaming console controllers.

A3 mixed media paper Materials: Indian Ink & Prismacolor Pencils

‘xbox widow’ is a common term amongst my friends and peers, it implies that the woman has been left for the gaming obsessions that some people have – however since my husband is a games designer, I knew what I getting myself in for. So I thought about the intimacy and relation this has had on my life and decided to try it.

I sketched the controllers and the with indian ink filled half the page. I wanted to use what I had learnt about negative space and tonal use of colour to depict what I wanted. both sides of the line have the same shape of controller to it – but just with shading the outline almost completely changes to make it more organic. I really enjoyed this piece. I think its bold and dynamic – however I still wanted to use roses as my subject matter.

Hand crafted rose for subject matter.

I decided to introduce my man made opponent by hand crafting a rose from old book pages. (The book had already been destroyed so I was finding a purpose for it). I thought again about Intimacy, and how people escape into an unknown worlds to experience and relate to characters. I loved this rose – but then I was confronted with another problem. I needed to find a way to portray to my viewers that the rose I was using was made from literature. #

Sketchbook media testing

I then had the idea to use the pages from the same book as my background. This helped me use the things I learnt during the mixed media exercises earlier in this section. I also wanted to used red ink so the rose would show the writing through the shape but the ink would just soak through the paper too quickly for me to use water for blending. I then tested oil pastels and coloured pencils with ‘zest-it blender’. The pencil with the blender gave me the best result I was looking for so once I was confident controlling this medium I started on my final piece.

 (working progress)

A3 paper, book pages, coloured pencils, ‘zest-it’ blender and white acrylic ink were used to create the above image. After the book pages had dried I sketched and completed the red rose. I had the idea of the rose emerging from the words so I used the white acrylic ink to sponge of the pages and the edges of the rose. I really liked this effect and my intentions were to leave it like that. But from Part 1 I was advised to use my space more effectively this piece just seemed too empty to me.

Final Piece: A3 size, Book page background. Materials: Coloured pencils, ‘zest-it’ blender, white acrylic ink and grey tone Promarker pens.

I only wanted one red rose – but I used the same subject rose in different angles and drew them in with light grey marker pens. This gives the illusion of a bouquet but just the one rose is symbolic.

I love the subtlety of the grey shading on the written paper and the red rose. I am really pleased with the way this piece as turned out. I feel I have been able to involve most of what I learnt in part 2 into this final piece. I found the alcoholic markers blended with the ink really well and so creates an almost painted backdrop for the focus subject rose.

Part 1 & Assessment 1 Conclusion

Part 1 & Assessment 1 Conclusion

After reading the assessment criteria again I feel I should go through each section and discuss what I felt to have been my strengths and weaknesses throughout this first assignment.

Demonstration of technical and visual skill – Throughout this first assessment I have tried to stretch my comfort zone and use materials that I have never used before. I enjoyed exploring the new techniques and improving old ones. I believe I have made improvements with charcoal, however I feel that many if not all the mediums I used still need great practice and use to perfect and understand each of their strengths and weaknesses. I have learnt to look at objects differently in my daily life which will help improve my composition.

Whilst researching Redon, I noticed how he was able to seamlessly mix his medias without disrupting from the overall feel of his work. I attempted to capture this in my fragments and gain a fluidity between each medium to help the picture flow.

Quality of Outcome – feel I have struggled with this as I have not always been able to be direct with my communication, yet this first section gives great examples of questions that I should constantly ask myself throughout my work which will help improve, how and what I am trying to say.

Demonstration of creativity – During the exercises I feel I very much stuck to the brief and did what was asked of me. I did not experiment or use my sketchbook as often as I feel I should have. I will hope to use my sketchbook more regularly and be more experimental with ideas so that I can hopefully access more imagination and creativity.

The assignment I let myself have a bit of freedom – the 8 fragments were inspired by Picasso’s cubism movement of giving a new view point of reality. As I split my page I noticed that it gave a shattered glass effect which gives a more impressionist view – although the items represent me there is something slightly distorted as though you can’t quite grasp everything about the artist from the drawing and hopefully want to learn more. As I studied Redon throughout this course I learnt he used symbolism to represent his meanings. I wanted to try and incorporate this into my final piece. I had decided to leave the negative areas blank as I wanted the focus to be on the composition of my objects and as a result the background photo was removed – but the reason I chose 8 sections was to try and symbolize the 8 years that I have been married. To look at this you wouldn’t know but I enjoyed putting this hidden meaning into my creation.

Context Reflection – I have struggled with art terminology when it comes to reflect upon my work. I appreciated the opportunity to research other artists and many techniques. I do feel like my sketchbook this has been very minimal and I need to encourage myself to do more research. I have found the learning log enjoyable as its a good opportunity to reflect upon the work I have done, however I feel that in order to improve this i need to increase the time in which I do my research.

I have relished this first opportunity to ‘dip my toe’ and have gained a greater desire to continue and improve myself.

Assignment One

Assignment One


Items chosen to represent me. 

For this assignment we were asked to choose a few items to create an image that represented us. in previous exercises I have looked into the importance of composition and how objects and the proximity of them can create an intimate feeling. As this was a personal project to help introduce who we are I went with a very close picture where items have been cut off and are not fully there. I feel this helps give a sense of connection between these seemingly mismatched objects.

The items I chose and why:

Trainers & Running watch – After having a baby 9 months ago and two children with autism I have recently taken up running. I have been training to hopefully be able to run a marathons to help support organizations and charities who help and encourage children with special needs.

Mannequin – I love dressmaking and try to do it as often as I can.

Crochet hooks – I have been crocheting for several years,I make toys, blankets, bunting and much more for my kids and my many nieces and nephews. I find it very therapeutic and a good stress reliever at the end of a long day.

Complete works of Jane Austin – I adore reading books and immersing myself into the language and society of these classic tales.

Paint brush & Ribbon – To represent my love for all things arts and crafts.

Baby Muslin – As a mother of three I use baby muslins on a daily basis. I have come to learn that they have some many other great uses than just catching and wiping up baby vomit. I am sure I will still be using these long after my children have left home – they are great!!

I normally work in the evening so I used a table lamp to create very defined lighting and shading, I feel this has worked to my advantage as it gives my composition of objects a warm almost friendly glow. (Also by happy accident I noticed I have captured a small image of me on my wedding day in the background, however this is not featured in my drawing I just thought it worked well with this first initial introduction into the assignment)


A2 Strathmore Tanned paper

Materials used: HB, 3B pencil & Bic Biro pen

I sketched out my composition and then almost like a pizza cutter I sectioned my drawing and began to use different mediums for each section. I had already decided at this point that each opposing section would be in the same medium so I had planned to use at least four different drawing materials. I feel this was risky but I wanted to get the definition between each fragment rather than do each item in a different mediums.


Materials used: HB & 3B pencils, Bic Biro pen, Indian Ink, dip pen & brush 

and ink wash with prismacolor & white gel pen 

I felt the mannequin section seemed a little to simple in comparison to other sections so I added an ink was to create more mid tones and then used white and black coloured pencils to add in the highlights and low lights. I later felt that it needed a little more depth so added white gel pen which I was happy with as the lines created also gave you a sense of the texture of the mannequin’s material.


Finished piece – Materials used: 

HB & 3B pencils, Bic Biro pen, Indian Ink, dip pen & brush 

and ink wash with prismacolor & white gel pen 

There were several aspects to which I found difficult, the first obvious struggle I had was the shading of the mannequin as a whole – I really struggled to create the depth the lamp light had created and as a result; the ink fragment especially seems too sketchy and bold at the same time and the eye is immediately drawn to it. I feel I struggled as I tried to shade the mannequin as though I was using pencil which is much more forgiving than ink, I think if I had reduced the size of which I was looking at and used lighter, smoother lines I would have created a more fluid finish, I will remember to reduce my goal in the future when working with this medium. I also struggle to get the flow of the muslin quite right and I hope to concentrate on this create more flowing lines and shades.

Overall I am happy with the other sections, I especially enjoyed to do the biro sections and the second ink wash section and will look to do more like this in the future.